The above-mentioned week's topic for the discussion was:

Do supernatural beings exist? If so where do you think they come from?

Winner: gulshan kumar ajmani Rs 50 plus 50 points
Runner-up: Chinmoy Mukherjee Rs 25 plus 50 points

All participants who are eligible for winning 50 bonus points are:
Sanjeev Gupta
Swetha Shenoy
baby Angel
Rajani K
ram prosad acharya
Sandhya Rani
Gabbar Singh

Congratulations to all winners and participants! :)

A point I want to add, there may be a general feeling that the discussion was inconclusive, but the fact remains that the topic is very tricky and is going to remain so, there is just no politically correct answer that can be given to certain questions, and this topic is just one of those. So I just suggest that we only discuss what we feel about it, through impressions that are formed in our own minds by listening to tales, reading about them and on rare occasions, experienced them firsthand! Also, such discussions are certainly not conducted to try and make others change their opinions, although one might succeed at it :) But I feel that they are necessary to add a zing to the otherwise mundane topics :) :cheer:

So keep discussing and keep enjoying!! Cheers!

"I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
- W. C. Fields :)

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