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  • Re: Articles Limitation

    by » 10 years ago

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    Yes quality should be improved.Gulshanji said correct.

  • Re: Articles Limitation

    by » 10 years ago

    Platinum Mate
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    Imposing articles restriction is not going to increase the quality at all. The findings that Maverick has shown here is based on a limited period. But in long term it is not going to help because of following reasons..

    1) If I want I can also post all the three articles as copied in a day. so this will not serve the purpose.

    2) By imposing this restriction, boddunan is going to loose in long term. because there are lots of authors who write 7-8 articles in a duration of some days, and they post all those in a single day. but this restriction will discourage them.

    3) Some other sites like or they have not imposed any such restriction. Then why boddunan should do this?

    Instead of restricting article submission, we can do one thing to get quality contents. Here is the solution to this problem.

    "If someone is posting more than 3 copied articles in a single day, then ban him/her for next 2 days from posting. This will definitely discourage the authors from posting copied contents..."

    I invite others suggestions in this regard...

    Thank you

    I think this is the better way of improving the quality the quality of the article rather than restricting the number of articles per day.

  • Re: Articles Limitation

    by » 10 years ago

    Diamond Mate
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    yes, quality is the main thing which needed. we cannot achieve the quality by limiting the no. of articles post per day. Rather we can encourage the writers by giving some awards every month. this is attract the members and leads to get quality articles.


  • Re: Articles Limitation

    by » 10 years ago

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    Vinodh this is the nice idea you have given i also want to follow this.

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