The topic for discussion was:

Is a special day like Valentine's Day really necessary to show that you love someone? Is it really in line with our culture and philosophy??

As usual, we had a good response to the topic and hope that this enthusiasm remains for the oncoming discussion as well!

I know that some of you may have felt limited that I had specifically forbidden to bring politics into this topic, but I felt that it may have led to unnecessarily branching off to other undesirable factors! Therefore, sorry for limiting your views, but nevertheless it may have put a challenge to you all to address the issue!

Here are the winners:

Winner - Gulshan Kumar Ajmani - 50 points plus INR 50(Why am I not surprised?? :)
Runner-up - Pradeep Kumar Nanda - 50 points plus INR 25

Eligible for winning 50 points bonus:
Ravishankar Prasad
Pearl Leo
Abhishek Dua
Abid Areacode

My warm congratulations to both Gulshan and Pradeep! Two opposite points of view, but very convincing arguments!

Congratulations to all participants! :)

"I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
- W. C. Fields :)

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