Here is the winners of the top participant GD that boddunan ever witnessed.It was about India's possibilities in ICC World Cup 2011.We discussed it well and also won the cup!:silly: :silly: :silly: :silly:

Fortunately 13 of our active members participated in the GD.More than 1000 viewed the GD and 70 replies recorded. So the man who lead the GD was none other than Ramachandran.Yes he is the first prize winner of this GD who will earn 50% extra money as the special award as India won the match.Also Ramachandran predicted the match results except one.

Now the second prize winner is Ajay.He put some good points , but didn't continue well.

OK, last but not least the 50 point bonus winners are Sumit,Ajay,Santhoskumar Singh,Abhishek Dua,Ramachandran AND Pearl Leo.

So congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all participants for making it a grand one.

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