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  • Re: Group Discussion Contest JUne 19 to June 26

    by » 9 years ago

    These days in city there is not problem in family breaking but in villages still big families living together.

    I have seen at least 60 people live together without breaking but from some days ago they started fight so breaking may soon .

    Same fight issues in other villagers and break required to live all well.

    Santosh Kumar Singh


  • Re: Group Discussion Contest JUne 19 to June 26

    by » 9 years ago

    Family breaking is one of the curse.There are many bad or good reasons of it.

    Following reason of Family breaking:-

    * Misunderstanding

    * Money

    * Trust

    * daughters in family are to be married.

    * infidelity

    Communication,Sacrifice,understanding is very important to avoid break ups.

    One of important is All family members are connected with their heart.

    Be positive

  • Re: Group Discussion Contest JUne 19 to June 26

    by » 9 years ago

    I think if family is combined then there will be more confusion and no one can decide that who perform which responsibility. some one will get more some one less so Independence required everywhere.

    Santosh Kumar Singh


  • Re: Group Discussion Contest JUne 19 to June 26

    by » 9 years ago

    how much i know husband wife an child makes a family. braking of family means when husband and wife gets separated. no doubt other members are also considered as family but main family after marriage is husband and wife with children. i wanna know weather what i took this discussion as is right or wrong

  • Re: Group Discussion Contest JUne 19 to June 26

    by » 9 years ago

    when this discussion is telling about father. i ont think my point of discussion was wrong

  • Re: Group Discussion Contest JUne 19 to June 26

    by » 9 years ago

    Dear Sharon

    Parent are always attach with family after marriage also. your child can feel family due to you and your husband same we can feel our family with parent ,me ,wife and child.

    Santosh Kumar Singh


  • Re: Group Discussion Contest JUne 19 to June 26

    by » 9 years ago

    What a topic for discussion. Though the points I would have liked to highlight have already been covered by Maverick, but still I would put my thoughts in.

    Causes Of Family Breaking:

    1. Assumption:

    We assume our wife, husband, children to behave in a certain pattern. We don't even consider their likes, dislikes, interest, hobbies etc. This causes inner mental stress, and the persons becomes frustrated and this ultimately leads to family breaking

    2.Generation Gap:

    This is the most common cause of family breaking. Parents are not willing to change according to the new thinking that their children was grown up in and also children don't try to understand their parents point of view. Both parents and children grow rebellious in nature and this leads to fall off.

    3. Autocratic rule in family

    Most Indian families have autocratic rule where the head of the family makes decision for all the members in the family. He only decides whether his wife would work or not, which course would his child take, what profession would his child choose etc. The other family members have no role in the decision making. The decision are just imposed on them and they can't even protest. This stresses them out and the best option they see is to part ways with the family.


    1. Respect individuality:

    Always respect individuality. Give your family member their personal space. This will automatically ensure that they will respect your private space too and will also have respect for you.

    2. Have a democratic environment in family:

    Have a democratic environment in family. Ask family members for their inputs and opinions in decisions. This will make them feel important too and whatever decision is taken, they will honour them.

    3. Adaptability:

    One must change with the changing times but yea, never compromise on your core values and principles. Values and principles are timeless, change the rest of things.

    I am sure if these are implemented by family, it will reduce family breaking.

  • Re: Group Discussion Contest JUne 19 to June 26

    by » 9 years ago

    Relation between husbands and wives play an important role in building and breaking up of families. Let's take a quip recap of some of the vital reasons why a family breaks up and at the same time try to find out the remedies for the same:

    1) Financial independence - It is a fact that the ratios of working women in our society are increasing and in a way they have that self respect, dignity and the letter "I" in them. There are many examples in our day to day life where husbands fail to understand this simple calculation and the end result is break-up.

    * Remedy - Husbands should give the space to their wives the space to emphasize their point in their day to day activities and treat them as important as they think of themselves. Try to change the "I" factor into "We" and see the difference altogether.

    2) Drinking alcohol - The mere consumption of alcohol or any other drugs on a regular basis and creating an atmosphere of chaos, menace and terror is another vital reason for family breakups.

    * Remedy - Give this habit of drinking as early as possible if not for yourself but for the of your partner or family or get ready to wash your hands from a well balanced family life.

    3) Physical abuse - There are numerous examples you might have come across in your day to day lives where a family broke up by the physical assault or abuse by the husbands towards their wives.

    * Remedy - In differences will be there as far as husband and wife relationship is concerned but there is always a proper an appropriate way of solving these differences and there is no need to physically abuse your partner. The best way I believe is to have face to face and one to one chat where one needs to give equal opportunity to their partners to speak.

    4) Extra-marital affairs - No wife or husband in this world could bear this when it comes about extra-marital affairs regarding their partners and this is another emerging trend now-a-days of family breakups.

    * Remedy - Stay away from this and as far as possible try to build healthy affairs with your friends and colleagues and you will be happy to see that your partner even approve this kind of relationships.

    5) Poor communication - Finally, as of now, the most important point or factor in marriage breakups is simply poor communication or lack of proper communication. Poor communications arises from in differences between the partners or husband and wives and lack of interaction between each other.

    * Remedy - For heaven's shake think about the good qualities about your partner when he/she had been so much good to you and at least for the sake of those good times try to communicate and by doing so you not only be able to sort your differences out but boost up your relationship and make things easier for yourselves...

  • Re: Group Discussion Contest JUne 19 to June 26

    by » 9 years ago

    This is just my point of view to the topic.

    According to me the family break up is mainly due to the misunderstanding and few other stuffs.

    When a female gets married and moves to a new surrounding it takes time to get adjusted because before marriage she was free and she had her own rules and regulations and all freedom given by their parents. After getting married she is forced or no other go to get herself adapted to new surroundings and as a result there will be a huge pressure and burden on them.

    Moreover the aged person will belong to late 80's and they demand or ask the young ones to behave properly. For example: She should eat only after her husband finished eating or should wear only traditional dresses and few other things.

    As a result they are cornered and as they are also human beings they explode or show their anger one day and as a result it leads to family break up.

    The remedy is try to be patience and also keep in mind that the other person is also human being and not your slave.

  • Re: Group Discussion Contest JUne 19 to June 26

    by » 9 years ago

    It is impossible to truly know the reason for why any particular marriage may break up. There might be numerable reasons that eventually lead to that point. The "what happens behind closed doors" philosophy is put in play here.

    But invariably (disregarding any of the serious issues like dowry harrassment or infidelity) the main reason for breaking up is the low threshold of tolerance these days. Couples are so set in their lifestyle, that they are not willing to make the neccessary concessions to adjust to living with a partner. And with the stigma of divorce becoming lessor day by day, it acts as a ready escape route and removes all the pressure on a couple to make that effort to adjust.

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