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  • Re: Group Discussion Contest JUne 19 to June 26

    by » 9 years ago

    Also there has to be a defined boundary set within a family especially if its a joint family.If not even nuclear families need to respect and set boundaries wherein parents and parent-in-laws along with the husband and wife should know what information should be shared and what should not.If a couple loses sight and donot have the key fundamental to safeguard their boundaries,what else can you expect but being vulenerable to breakage?


  • Re: Group Discussion Contest JUne 19 to June 26

    by » 9 years ago

    It is heartening that this time more members have contributed to Group discussion and expressed their valuable views of the topic of family break up.

    In my concluding post, let me point out that family break up is mainly because of individualistic approach, underestimating importance of family as basic social unit and erosion of social and ethical values.

    There should be some social content in school and college education highlighting value of family in society. Break up of family is not only an individual matter. This harms the entire society.

    The couple and their guardians may think and plan thousand times before wedding. Once marriage has been solemnised, this should be considered unbreakable. The couple should also realize that break up of one relation is no guarantee that another relation with some other person will be intact.

    Once, the couple as well as others concerned understand that the marital relation is unbreakable, love and care will flow. Every one has shortcomings. These need be rectified or tolerated. There is no other way. I remember a qoute- If you love me, love my dog.

    All citizens, family members, institutions, counselors, judiciary should combine to maintain smooth running of families as social institutions. Families are grooming ground for future citizens of the nation. Some great man had remarked- Give me good mothers, I shall give strong nation.

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  • Re: Group Discussion Contest JUne 19 to June 26

    by » 9 years ago

    Friends, Thanks for all of your rocking performance in this GD.Many had participated with full heart and expressed their views openly.Also I am happy to see Maverick in this GD.Now the time has over.So wait for the results and rock in next GD also like this.

    All the best.

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