Hi All,

Welcome back to the revenue sharing program. Here are the list of users and their shares for the month of June 2011:

santoshkumarsingh------------7021 (7 shares)
ajay9779------------5142 (5 shares)
pkn_1173------------5051 (5 shares)
Abid Areacode------------3284 (3 shares)
gkajmani------------3201 (3 shares)
Bala------------3013 (3 shares)
fzlth------------3006 (3 shares)
PPDM------------3004 (3 shares)
pkpradeep------------2733 (2 shares)
kail2001------------2260 (2 shares)
vaishnavi_vijay------------2082 (2 shares)
ceeem------------2016 (2 shares)
aditya73------------2010 (2 shares)
RaviPrasad------------2005 (2 shares)
smartkaus------------1717 (1 shares)
sasi1021------------1350 (1 shares)
mukeshranjan------------1202 (1 shares)
ra_k------------1137 (1 shares)
RAMACHANDRAN------------1020 (1 shares)

During June 2011, Boddunan has earned a revenue of $145. After conversion to Indian rupees it is Rs.6380 (@44/$). So total revenue sharing for the month of June 2011 is Rs.1914.

Total number of shares: 49
Revenue Per Share: Rs.39.06
Total Moderator Bonus: Rs.319

Congratulations to everyone who got the share and all the best to everyone.

Boddunan Update: We are working on refactoring major part of the website with new software and we will be updating the site with some new features in the coming months. So stay tuned for the updates :) . You might notice my absence at most of the time during past few days because of this. However I will be back into action soon :) .

When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

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