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  • Re: Group Discussion Contest 19th July to 26th July 2011

    by » 9 years ago

    I totally agree with Pearl Leo, the members participating are getting too technical and we are straying away from the main topic.

    Firstly I would like to say is good or bad, we have to live with advertising, it has become indispensable part and it always was from centuries. It is the best way to know about a new product or services.

    Ok, let me ask you all a question. How did you find Boddunan?

    Through ads, from your friends who already write here, testimony written on other sites, advertisements on the net etc etc.

    Well all of the above are forms of advertising with word of mouth being the best form. If Maverick had not advertised Boddunan, you would have not found this site in the first place.

    So do you think Maverick did wrong promoting/advertising the site. Of course not.

    Maverick would have been wrong if he had not delivered on it's promise. He pays his writer and so he is definitely delivering.

    So all I would say that if the product is delivering what it says than whats the harm in advertising. Infact, advertisement are made to stimulate a consumer to buy or test the service and product and help in the decision making.

    I know some of the ads today are very false and to the point of brain washing but I dont think any form of advertisement except word of mouth have the strength to brainwash anyone's mind (except if the person is absolutely desperate to get rid of some problem and has tried everything. You will find such cases in beauty products).

    All we should treat every category of advertising differently. As I already said, low priced and cheap priced product ads are made with different thinking in mind and high priced products with different psychology in mind.

    Can anyone tell me how many of you consult your family and friends before buying a low priced chocolate? There would be hardly a few. Do you know why? I know, the chocolate costs only 5 rupees and your sub-conscious mind knows that it is not worth your and your family's time to ask this question for a 5 rupees chocolate.

    Now, if you are planning to buy a LG 3d Tv of 42", then would you consult your family and friends? yes you would. 'coz your brain knows that it is a high priced item and you will be shelling out nearly 1 lac so your brain will make sure that you get the best and you will try to get every information about the product, from friends, family, showroom, TV ads etc. etc.

    Also, we should not forget that we are human beings and are very dynamic in nature. We all have varied interests and hobbies. What may appeal to you may not appeal to me. For example, if I don't like orange cream biscuits, not matter how quality the product is, I won't buy it. Simply because I don't like it.

    Price also plays a role in buying. If you can't afford a product, the quality won't matter.

    Also, with changing times the way a product is advertised is also changing and I think big brands today form more subtle way of promoting. That is why, all big brands have a facebook and twitter page where they interact with consumers and consumer can post their complaints grievances and suggestions.

    So, in the end I would just conclude that yes, some ads are misleading and a viewer is expected to do his own research before buying but without advertisement he would have nothing to research on. Also, not all ads are misleading, all ads are just self-promoting and there is a big difference between misleading and self-promoting.

    If a product has all the feature that it has advertised than how can that ad be misleading. But yea, if a consumer would have done his research before buying the product he would have got more features at the the same price from other brands. But it is fault of the consumer and not the brand. You can't expect a brand to advertise other brands on their ad space.

    In the end, I would just say that ads at most can be misleading but not to the point of brainwashing. Our brain is wired to take various parameters into action before taking a decision and a single advert can't do that.

    And if someone will cite me a example of a cosmetic ad, I would just say that the people who are trying it based on advert have already choked and brain and have self satisfied themselves on all the other parameters. Their thinking is I have tried everything and there is no harm in trying this one. A person with a calm mind would not even buy a cosmetic product just based on advert.

  • Re: Group Discussion Contest 19th July to 26th July 2011

    by » 9 years ago


    I am coming out to make my concluding comments against my original decision not to continue with my posts mainly in deference to the wish of our respectable senior member Gulshanji whom I hold up to great respect.

    Although the debate has taken on a somewhat bitter turn but you may have observed I have tried my best to keep to my points not to hurt any person or persons as I respect the views of all.Sharp differences are always the hallmark of a great GD.

    Now going back to my original line of argument, I have never projected myself in any of my posts to be taking up the cudgels for a class of adverts which I describe as pseudo ads and the marketplace is such a place which has by now learnt to negotiate with these ads. For example if a particular producer launches an ad blitz to create effects at the subliminal plane his immediate competitor may be tempted to launch another to help a rational consumer to see through their game and therby would force both if not other who are waiting on their wings to launch a similar crafty game! The way all you have forcefully argued that 'brainwashing' does take place is a firm proof of my postulate that consumers in general are showing greater awareness in an overwhelming manner!

    The question that emerges how do you go about fighting this menace. In my posts I broadly indicated that however painful might be our experiences with the agencies which have been entrusted with the job of overseeing these highly decriable and baneful misleading and patently fraudulents advertising exercises. We have to keep faith in them and even we can think of concerted actions to make them stir in their slumbers and make them efficient. We just can't come out on the streets and fight the offenders.

    One more thrust of my argument was my unsheakebale faith in human ability to clearly see the truth which resulted in triumph of truths over untruths.However powerful the persons behind these mala fide exercises might look today they would clearly be defeated in their dark designs in the face of strong resistance and effective concerted consumer actions.

    That's all I would say and conclude by thanking you all for this making this round of GD a truly memorable one. All the best!

  • Re: Group Discussion Contest 19th July to 26th July 2011

    by » 9 years ago

    Its really a good topic to discuss.
    I won't say that all advertisements are brainwashing advertisements,because some which unique are helps in some or the other sort of work. Companies do advertisements to make their products to public. Sometimes we feel that its too much and thinks that this company is doing cheap advertisements. But the real fact is different. Companies just tells to the advertisers to do the advertisements. Companies just gives those requirements of the product they want to advertise to the advertisers. Now its upto advertisers how they advertise. So,you can't not say that Companies do such cheap advertising.
    Some advertisements are good,but yes its true that there are many which is just for fun type. It can be said as brainwashing advertisements.Some advertisements shows us much about its features or characteristics but when we buy and use those products, looks totally different. Advertisements change our mind set towards that product. Advertisements are made such that we gets attracted towards it.

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  • Re: Group Discussion Contest 19th July to 26th July 2011

    by » 9 years ago

    I also felt in between the topic had diverted from the original line.Happy to see on rail again.

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  • Re: Group Discussion Contest 19th July to 26th July 2011

    by » 9 years ago

    Right Abid! Glad to see that you decided to post again, Chinmoy!

    One more day to go, keep posting!

    "I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally."
    - W. C. Fields :)

  • Re: Group Discussion Contest 19th July to 26th July 2011

    by » 9 years ago

    Look at this instance for the sake of our understanding that advertisement is a form of brainwashing in a more lucid manner:

    A simple and plain looking Jane going to the college. Nobody notices her and she is quite disappointed. One of her friends advises her to try "Fair & Lovely". After a week she turns into a pretty girl with beautiful complexion and everyone admires her.

    After seeing the above advertisement many young girls with dark complexion are compelled to use the above product, with not much result though. Instead of being happy with the way God has made them they try to change themselves to look different....

    Advertisement or publicity has always been the niche word in the business world and more so now. To sell their product the advertisers can go to any extent. The information they provide are not always true. The facts are presented to us in such a way that we are tempted to believe them...

    Your child is not growing as fast as other children and these may be due to genes. You see an advertisement advertising to give Complan, Horlicks, Bournvita etc to your child and he or she will become taller, sharper and stronger. You immediately go to the market and buy one of the health drinks for your child.
    In other words we can say that advertisements are a form of brainwash. Yes, it stops our logical thinking. We don't count to see the facts of the truth. We try to believe what is being presented to us because we don't want to accept what we are. We don't want to think what is good for us.

    We all know that fast foods are bad for us and our health. Doctors even advise us against them. But then when we see the advertisements showing goodness of Maggi or Top Ramen or Yipee noodles, we are tempted to use them. It is less time consuming and easy to make them. So basically we defy our logical thinking and go against our doctor's advice and still consume them...

    When it is said that advertisement is a form of brainwashing I cannot but agree with it due to the following reasons:-

    1) Inclusion of famous personalities in adds- Involvement of famous personalities like Big B and Dhoni in adds like Dabur Chawanprash, Boroplus etc often misled us and we tend to believe whatever they say by bypassing our logical thinking.

    2) Beautiful presentation and location used- Yes, the adds are shot in such beautiful and wonderful location that we are easily carried away and get easily enchanted by the charisma or beauty of the adds and what we see we start believing forgetting about the real world we are living in.

    3) Hide facts- The advertisers very often then not hide facts about the negative elements about their products and they often mislead us in a way to the extent of brainwashing by highlighting only the positive aspects about their products.

    4) They convince- Believe it or not directly or indirectly they convince us at their level best to buy their products and consumers or customers gets convinced to the extent of buying it and thus getting themselves relieved from tension and agony of not having it in their possession.

    5) Repeated telecast and propaganda- Repeated telecast and propaganda of adds through television and internet, radio and magazines, newspapers and printed medias ultimately makes our will power to surrender before them and we like a defeated soldier in a battlefield or in a war bow down in front of their wish.

    Now tell me friends don't you believe in the phrase that " Good things doesn't need any advertisements". I think if a product is good we consumers would love to buy it but the very fact of brainwashing is going on and on and in future I think it is going to take a very ugly shape if it is not going to be timely checked by the concerned authorities. I am asking you, you and you now that won't you agree with me that these advertisements really try to control our mind through their customer trapping techniques and adds to boost the sales margin of their products soaring up to the extent of the limitless sky!!!

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