We are happy to announce another exiting rewarding program on boddunan.com - Commenter of the Month (CoM). While considering this program, we have two thoughts come into discussion.

  1. Making the users comfortable in selecting the right nominations for Article of the Month (AoM) contest
  2. Give support and encouragement to other members who posting the very good articles.

So all you need to do is post some good comments to the articles by reading the ones you like. Simply saying Thank You/Good Article/Nice one etc does not provide your valuable feedback to the authors and hence this program comes into picture.

You must post at least 5 good comments that will encourage or provide suggestions or any other inputs to the authors of the articles in a month in order to eligible for this reward program.

You must not post solicitous or illegal content in the comments of the articles.

You must not copy from other comments even if they are yours'.

We will award this prize only if at least two members eligible to contest in a month.

Since this is the maiden episode of the contest, this program is open right now till August 31, 2009. Winner will be announced in the first week of September.

The next episode of this contest will be open for one month i.e. 1st of every month to last day of every month.

So reward for this contest????

500 Cash Credits . Yes. You will get the maximum amount if you are the winner.

Good Luck.

When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

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