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Hi All,

Welcome to boddunan revenue sharing program. Here is the list of winners for this month.
sjvg1976------------9099 (9 shares)
Sandhya Rani------------8465 (8 shares)
naruto------------5691 (5 shares)
akanksha16------------5665 (5 shares)
suni51------------5159 (5 shares)
ram------------5001 (5 shares)
kalyani------------4281 (4 shares)
sasi1021------------3610 (3 shares)
ceeem------------2623 (2 shares)
gkajmani------------2107 (2 shares)
sarala------------2103 (2 shares)
vinodh------------1740 (1 shares)
sheetalkamble------------1183 (1 shares)
vaishnavi_vijay------------1102 (1 shares)
shanky0591------------1076 (1 shares)
Captain2010------------1010 (1 shares)

Total Shares: 53
Total revenue earned in April 2012: ~$185
Revenue Share: 30% of $185 = ~Rs.2830
Revenue Per Share: 53.4
Total moderator bonus: Rs.471

Congratulations everyone and all the best.

When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

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