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Dear Members- I mentioned it in a thread post and promised to bring the GD Contest back to Boddunan forum. I am glad I am able to begin one after a long time. It is not a GD but your chance to come up with your ideas-

The rules are simple and ‘must follow with ‘no exceptions’ please. 

1. Please write 1 (one) post a day starting from Monday to Sunday. (second post will be deleted if posted on same day)

2. Please make it at least 60 words per post to qualify

3. Please stay on the topic

4. Please do not quote but write an independent post

5. Please do not ditto any other post but input your own views

6. Four (4) members will qualify for Rs 25/ each selected at the end of contest ( result will be declared on Mondays)

The Topic- Most of us write articles on different writing sites but most of us have different aims/motivations for writing. For me, let me admit, I became interested in writing for the sake of money. But I have heard and read people who say that for them it was means of expression, means of sharing their anger, frustrations etc. I know most of us believe online writing is not a way to cover daily needs (I do not want to put my own experience here though)

My question is- What is your reason for writing articles? Please give me your simple input.  (let me repeat the rules, one post a day, no mention of other members and no quotes but an independent box) Thank you very much.


PS- I am not in contest so rule of number of posts does not apply on myself.

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With time on my hand, writing articles is a way of expressing my inner desire to contribute my viewpoint on the topics that interest me. It gives me pleasure to know that hundreds of readers read them and some offer valuable comments.Money is welcome but it is not the aim. Sharing knowledge and making friends is the desire.

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I am an avid reader. Being an avid reader broadens my knowledge base. But I am at spreading knowledge. Writing articles is the most effective tool to spread knowledge. Writing has a two sided advantage. It enriches my knowledge as well as the reader's knowledge. Yes an additional benefit i get out of writing articles is a bit of money. But that is a secondary thing.


Thank you said by: suni51
Thanks for the information

bhuyali saroj

bhuyali saroj wrote:Thanks for the information
@bhuyali saroj You should follow rules of this forum else your a/c will be deleted. Thank you

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Sir i am sorry i am new here thats i didn't knew the role i promise you that what ever i have done today it will not be repeated from tomorrow

bhuyali saroj

bhuyali saroj wrote:Sir i am sorry i am new here thats i didn't knew the role i promise you that what ever i have done today it will not be repeated from tomorrow
Please follow the rules and enjoy your stay here. I suggest you to read all the rules before proceeding further on the site. Thanks again. Here are the rules-


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Last year, when I wrote 5-6 articles daily for some Content Writing teams, my primary objective was to earn some money. Being a tiresome job, I stopped it. Now, I enjoy writing in Boddunan and a few other sites I joined recently. I prefer writing in simple language and try to convey some unique message to the readers. I feel immense pleasure in seeing my articles published. Greater is the satisfaction when they are read and appreciated by readers from different parts of the world. That indefinable satisfaction is my motivation; earning money has now become secondary.


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The feeling, "I too can do" ;lays foundation to Self reliance. This is what exactly happened years ago. All my initial fears that Creative arts are the exclusive domains of a blessed few was shattered in to smithereens, when I started writing articles for my own children and they won accolades. Since then i found my niche. Starting from a small scale, my article writing graph ascended up and up. And along with it my love towards Article writing also grew More than anything else article writing has boosted my Self reliance.. Since then I never looked back


I do not consider myself a writer but whatever I write, I write for the sake of adventure. An adventure where I can control my feelings and emotions and capture feelings into articulate words and sentences that mean something, bot just to me, but others as well. Writing even a small paragraph well, makes me feel as if I have accomplished something nice. Although I am not a very creative person, writing gives me a sense of creativity and that is why I write.

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I had a passion for writing since my student days. I wrote first story in school magazine as a High School student. I wrote two dramas- one in Intermediate and one in degree class. Besides, I would write also in discussion/ debate columns of newspaper like Nav Bharat Times. Writing was just a pleasure and not for income.  In recent years, I wrote some stories/ articles for other sites entirely for creativity without any income motive. Apparently, writing is my pleasure. I get pleasure even in legal drafting of appeals. I love to make the clients' case very strong.  I had pleasure to write more than one hundred articles for this site. These include stories also. I feel that every one wishes to communicate his thoughts. Most people would just gossip in tea shops and village chaupals. Boddunan is a good platform to express ourself- in articles as well as on forum. The revenue from the site is also welcome. This is in fact a bonus in addition to pleasure of creativity.   

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