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Dear Members- I mentioned it in a thread post and promised to bring the GD Contest back to Boddunan forum. I am glad I am able to begin one after a long time. It is not a GD but your chance to come up with your ideas-

The rules are simple and ‘must follow with ‘no exceptions’ please. 

1. Please write 1 (one) post a day starting from Monday to Sunday. (second post will be deleted if posted on same day)

2. Please make it at least 60 words per post to qualify

3. Please stay on the topic

4. Please do not quote but write an independent post

5. Please do not ditto any other post but input your own views

6. Four (4) members will qualify for Rs 25/ each selected at the end of contest ( result will be declared on Mondays)

The Topic- Most of us write articles on different writing sites but most of us have different aims/motivations for writing. For me, let me admit, I became interested in writing for the sake of money. But I have heard and read people who say that for them it was means of expression, means of sharing their anger, frustrations etc. I know most of us believe online writing is not a way to cover daily needs (I do not want to put my own experience here though)

My question is- What is your reason for writing articles? Please give me your simple input.  (let me repeat the rules, one post a day, no mention of other members and no quotes but an independent box) Thank you very much.


PS- I am not in contest so rule of number of posts does not apply on myself.

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Who is the most entertaining actor of the year 2011

There are so many good actors in Bollywood and most them are doing good when acting is concerned, infact, there is a tough competition among them to entertain the masses.
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