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How much open is the Administration to conviction we have to wait and see! The number of contests and competition has disappointingly come down. It obviously needs a thorough relook to revitalize members and their interests.It all boils down to the state of finances of boddunan which as I understand is not in the pink of health.However the silver lining is a good number of spirited members are soldiering on and on with no lure for any incentives for days on end.I doff my hat to them!

 @ Don't you think starting too many discussions at the same time each day lower the interest of members and reduce the responses? In my views fewer discussions having common interest will bring more members. I suggest two discussions each day by a particular member are sufficient. As far other activities are concerned, I agree with you the number has gone down drastically. 

I love this free image hosting site for sharing my work


There is little scope for disagreement.Quantity and quality have an adversarial relationship between them.As for myself,I am not capable of

handling two many things at a time.You call it my deficiency!!!

Going thru the thread I am confused. Do members want money as incentive to take part or they want to share ideas?

If both can be achieved there is no harm.


A Suggestion

How would you like if the site allows you to share your personal blogs links and links of your own online work with other members through your discussions? (no referral links though)



I love this free image hosting site for sharing my work

I don't know why monetary ideas should be viewed with such revulsion and sanctimoniousness- even modern-day saints survive and thrive on money to keep bodies and souls together if some of them have any soul left,,ask Asharam Bapu and his like!!!


Your idea is good but here not too many members run blogs.


As much I know every member of this site is busy in online activities and it would be a good idea if Boddunan helps providing them a platform to share their work. I have requested admin to create an official group page which will help bring more members to this site.

I love this free image hosting site for sharing my work

Thank you said by: epraneeth77

I discovered Boddunan accidentally. I started writing and found the response good. The payments were also adequate. It gave me an opportunity to express my views and opinions and kept me engaged. I discovered the Forum much later and on and off participate in it. However of late I find a stagnation having set in. It is therefore important to take steps to bring in old vigor back into Boddunan. For this the site should be aggressively advertised. Payments should be enhanced and paid faster. A member's section can be started where members can post smaller views (with limitation on words), post interesting photos and a humour section can also be incorporated, where members can submit jokes etc. A section called story section can be introduced where short stoies can be submitted. Above may be considered and if feasible introduced.

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