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Education should be mandatory requirement for every skilled job. It refines your skill of perception, widens your lens to view different perspective with respect and your decision making. I think all these are a must to have an elite and refined politics in our country and also for the efficiency of a proper functioning democracy. We often see the other face of politicians ignorant and closed to different perspectives of an issue, beating the same age old drums for the sake of vote banks and passing statements which are totally irrelevant in the present perspective.

Education will bring out awareness and help politicians get rid of these unwanted traits in a democracy. Also it will keep a check on inefficient people from entering politics just for personal aspiration and family aspiration.

Keeping a minimum qualification will also keep a check on people entering it on kin and kith policy and hampering the fabric of governance and democracy

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Our political system has gone to its lowest level because of these uneducated politicians. We can see example of Rabri Devi and Sons of Lalu Prasaad Yadav. One has become the deputy chief minister of Bihar, but he is unable to read the speach in Hindi properly. So there is need of some education to these politicians, who are unable to understand what is written on paper. So there should be minimum qualification for those who want to enter into politics. Uneducated people should not be allowed to take participate on politics.

Politics is both a service option and a career option for a person. In the service option the constraint of a minimum educational qualification can act as a deterrent for entry into politics and thus deprive a person and society the benefit of a motivated politician. In case of a person choosing to make a career of it  some educational qualification can be considered. but how does one distinguish between the two. The two are so camouflaged that it is difficult to separate them. So iot is overall better to err on the side of the former option and not have any minimum educational; qualifications.

An educated leader would be a role model for the citizens of his constituency. I recall the words of Mahatma  Gandhi who had said ' when you educate a educate an individual, when you educate a woman you educate a generation. Similarly, an educated political leader is bound to lay stress on education and related matters that has an all round benefit to the society. We have seen how politicians with criminal background have fared in the past. I know for a fact that politicians with no education are unable to understand and grasp many things related to policy making so they have to depend on others.There have been several instances when they have been taken advantage of. On the flip side , having a degree does not put an end to corrupt practices nor does it ensure a efficient governance..

Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !!!

When qualification of a office assistant is fixed than why an illiterate politicians. Politician of every level must be qualified. At present mode of governance is changed. It is almost impossible for a illiterate person to work in this environment. Unqualified politicians always depends on other for work.

No doubt when there is minimum education qualification criteria for the politicians, it might be a deterrent for the uneducated people who wants to enter politics for good cause, but it will keep away those people who has no understanding or interest in politics but join it as s family business. If one recollects the case of Golma Devi Meena of Rajasthan, An illiterate, who became the state minister but resigned within 4 months only because her colleagues don't ve good words for her husband or Rabri Devi who entered politics as a front man of her husband and reigned as Chief Minister for 3 terms, what have the society gained by their presence? Its a waste of public money.

An educated mind is a healthy mind and a healthy mind can also govern in a healthy way, Educated person has the potential to think in a logical way and can also differentiate between right and wrong, which is necessary in Politics. How can you  put your Country in the hands of a person, who doesn't know how to handle himself or herself. It is not that the person should be highly qualified, but there should be a minimum educational qualification for a politician.

We need well educated politicians to come out with laws and policies in the country keeping in mind the long term effect on the nation. For that you need to  be well read about the global socio-economic and political stuffs. Having information and knowledge helps you to analyze the situation and come to a more thoughtful solution or decision weighing the pros and cons of it. In our country, we have seen decisions made by politicians out of sheer ignorance and hunger for vote and power. Reservations and many such policies in education were arm chair policies which have dragged and paralyzed the country. It was just made to get votes.  Lack of educated politicians in opposition also hampers the situation as there is no genuine opposition to oppose such bizzare propositions.

illegal constructions and so many developmental projects lack a visionary and do harm in long run. Country needs expertise in people and politicians for a constructive development of the country.

But I do agree that politics is also a service option along with career option. In fact I would put it across as a career option that is meant for service of nation and people. People who have service option should be allowed to enter politics through proper channels. They can enter at entry level as workers and then groomed and educated to a minimum qualification before they can contest election and come into mainstream politics. This will streamline so many shortcomings. Also put the message clear-- you can not take a shortcut.

I am open to experience what life's mystery bag holds for me

The current and future belongs to technology. And going forward the affect of technology on our lives is going to increase many folds. To be able to understand and make the best possible use of technology it is important that the people in important positions are educated enough to understand and make the best use of this technology.

For eg.. MEA is able to help a lot people having issues with their passport or visa... Through their twitter handle... Similar knowledge and use of internet can help the ministries in planning new strategies which may have been successful in other parts of the world. For all these education is important

I feel the qualification for all the public representatives at any level should be a minimum graduation along with atleast one work done in the particular field they are heading

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In today's times it would be a rarity to find someone reaching higher political positions and being uneducated. Also being educated is no guarantee that one will take right decisions. In politics what matters is ideology and being faithful to it. So even if there are a limited uneducated politicians till they are successfully implementing their ideology which is accepted by citizens it is OK. What perhaps is causing confusion is the prevalence of decay in the political system and the feeling that if only there were educated politicians it would not fall so low. But if you analyse almost all of them are as educated as we are. Greed and dishonesty are present as much in educated as in uneducated.

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