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Education - The most, first ,basic requirement for every man today in this world ! Because it's something which earns us some self respect ! I think Minimum level of Education should be taken into consideration to nominate himself as politician. But Education itself is not enough for a politician rather good thoughts, love towards his region, love towards people , honesty , sincerity are some values a politician must have ! 

" Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all "

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An educated person can understand and perform better than an in educated one. In our country for getting a job education is preferred, but the sad part is that education for politicians is not necessary. I think there must be minimum education for our politicians, and they must have to clear some exam like we have to clear before getting a job. If our politicians are educated then our country will develop with double speed than now.

As rightly put by some of the respected members, education does not ensure that the politician would not indulge in corruption or would not take wrong decisions. In fact many of the politicians in active politics are highly educated. But compared to an uneducated politician, an educated politician is like to develop proper vision for the development of the nation as he is more widely read.

An educated politician understands the problems related to people and the Country. Additionally, a Politician sans education cannot think of not only the problems of the country , but he lacks innovative ideas that makes the Country well developed. An educated politician always on the look out for ways and means that make the Country and its people proud before other Countries. Hence I am of the opinion that a politician must have education

Today education has become necessary for each one, and it should be mandatory for all posts in our country. Weather he is a politician or a common man, every one should be educated. Some members have written that education will not ensure that politicians will not indulge in corruption, it is right, but getting in corruption or not is their mind state, and there is no method present to read anyone's mind. So we can't say that only uneducated person are corrupted, educated also can get in the corruption. But being educated one will carry the task in right direction than an uneducated one, as educated person can understand and set the goals in a better way in order to complete the given task. So in case of politicians it becomes necessary to have some minimum qualification.

When India gained its Independence , we see that most of the leaders at that time were involved in the freedom movement, which meant that they were patriotic and dedicated . It is also noteworthy that they were educated and were able to grasp  the rudiments of policy making as to how to run a nation. But with time this feeling of nationalism began to corrode as caste and minorities issue began to gain importance with the political class with secularism taking a back seat,to be used when it suited them. The largely uneducated masses were unable to see through the manipulations. To get votes the politicians began to favor just about anyone who was able to garner votes, education, qualification,criminal background were set aside in their rush for power. So we see that the seventies and the later years bringing in a new trend of vote bank politics where  muscle and money power , caste factor and minority issues were the guiding factors on which  candidates was selected..

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When it comes to villages and rural areas, we know that people are still in the grip of ill practice due to ignorance in the name of tradition. Having educated politicians in Gram Panchayat would help. The person will know the importance of education and awareness and work for it. He/ she will try to bring it to everyone's door.  Moreover having educated people to govern in rural areas will also ease the development work as they would know the how abouts of it. This will also make Gram Panchayat election an elite one and attract youths. Many educated youths in cities want to go back and serve their natives, but they don't find a dignified way to do that. Having educated youths in Gram Panchayat will attract them.

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Being educated only means one has got a degree which is recognized. It is expected he also has assimilated requisite knowledge, which may or may not be true. In politics what counts is ground knowledge, contacts, willingness to further  political party's ideology and work hard. Education is not necessary to have these qualities. As said earlier by me it is now going to be increasingly difficult to find an uneducated politician at entry levels. Commitment and sincerity are far more important than education in a politician.

We all are accepting that qualification is must for politicians. But what  we mean with qualification. Matric, Graduate or Post Graduate! One member give refrence of Depty CM of Bihar who is 9th class passed and can't read Hindi speech. Indeed arranging any degree is left hand game for these politicians. Degree of one minister of Delhi Government is fake. With degree and certificate one must have knowledge. For politicians of Panchyat level one must have Matric certificate with knowledge of Hindi and local language and also have basic knowledge of English and computer. For MLA and ML basic qualification must be Graduate with knowledge of English and Basic computer.

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