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Apart from possessing minimum education qualification, what is important for a politician is how much he is committed in bringing about development in his work area. He should also be assertive enough to get the work done. Sometimes a politician may have vast knowledge and might also have proper vision about the nation's development but if he is not assertive enough to see the work being done, it would not be of much help. 

The minimum requirement should be that a politician can read, write and communicate freely. They are supported by able officers and advisers. Common sense ans practical sense is what they generally possess. Also they have their ears to the ground are well connected with the voters. They have the ability to get jobs done and are also able to influence and exercise power. We should not form an opinion that all politicians are scoundrels as they are not. Most of them irrespective of their educational qualifications are hard working and sincere.

We all would agree that there is a lot of inconvenience with election campaign and political rallies. They also involve a lot of money, black or white. It would be a dream come true if we can have healthy debates among politicians as a part of their election campaign. These debates can be hosted by media channels or by private players and broadcast to millions across the nation through TV, Radio or Internet. Political rallies have very few genuine people, most of them are lured by money and alcohol. So buying votes by ill ways  can be curbed. Moreover, the inconvenience caused to common people can be reduced. Healthy debates on points of development will bring down the caste and religion politics too. It will give a clear perspective to common man to chose their leader. Having a debate with a moderator will bring down the use of foul languages too.  Technology can be used to reach to all across nation at once, rather than wasting money and time on travelling places and having rallies.  For all these to happen, we need genuinely educated and passionate politicians.

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The role of a politician is such that he needs to have knowledge pertaining to his or her constituency and what is happening within the nation and elsewhere in the world because they have an impact on each other. To be able to acquire knowledge one needs education, also to assess this knowledge so it can be used to the advantage of nation , requires clarity of thought which comes through education and knowledge. One may argue that even the highly educated politicians have not been successful as leaders. At the same time we can see that being street smart and illiterate has not helped either with scores of politicians. They are manipulated by others all the time.

It is very essential that a leader must have qualities that one can look up to rather than use it against him or her. An educated leader automatically gains respect of the masses 

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The ruler should have good knowledge and should be wise to tackle any situation in a progressive way. But the sad part is that many of our politicians are not so educated and their thinking is like waste. Many of these make foolish statements from public meetings, this brings the image of our country to lower level. Many of our politicians though educated, have no intent to uplift our country, they only want position and for that they will do anything. After getting position, they start misusing their power and involve into corruption. So along with education our politicians must have thoughts and wills to bring our country in a leading position.

Education helps in understanding situations, thinking rationally. Since a politician is the face of the people he is representing, so he should be a person people can look up to in all senses... Be it his education, his attitude, his personality or how he deals with the people. He should strive to be a role model for which education is definitely important. He should be able to think independently and making good decisions 

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No doubt politician must be educated. What is level of education. We should not be expect that a candidate of Panch or Surpanch is graduate or post graduate. Most of population of India is living in village. It is fact that situation of education in village are not good one. So for these level of politician Matric is enough. Present time is of paper less governance. In coming days most of work will be excuated on line. so Knowledge of computer is must for all level of politicians.

Even if politicians are making politics a career out of it, politics is a service to the Nation in real sense. So those who are joining politics should be able to think beyond their personal gains or personal relationship. They should not treat implementation of schemes and policies as some sort of future vote bank. Some politicians make an effort to implement schemes only in those regions where they are likely to garner supporters which should not be the case.

A politician also need to have good communication skill. He needs to interact with large number of people on daily basis. If he could not express his thoughts clearly or could not convince them of his ideologies, goals, way of working etc he will not be able to work efficiently.

Education is necessary for a politician. More than that,  it is important to be able to apply the knowledge gained by education for creating various welfare measures for the people. Education without application will not be of use neither to the people nor to the Government.With such knowledge, a Politician will be able to gain the confidence of the People, which is of utmost importance. Such Governments will be stable. For a Government stability is very important Another important aspect is, an educated Politician will be able to convince many other Countries to invest in the Country, which in turn will lead to creation of Jobs, and automatically self reliance is attained.

These are the many faceted advantages, if the politicians are educated and knowledgeable.

In this era of technology, a tech savvy politician is the need of the hour. That makes a minimum qualification must for politicians.

I agree that politicians have well educated efficient officers to work under them. But that does not exempt them from being educated, In fact that strengthens the argument that they should be well educated to supervise a group of educated and most competitive officers in the country. They have to work as team with their officers.

We have witnessed innumerable number of times, how politicians misbehave with their officers. Education will help them to come out of the ignorance and intoxication of power and teach them to behave. No genuinely educated person seeks for attention seeking Godly treatment from his officers.

Moreover, one needs to know in depth about various aspects of his/her constituency- the cultural, social, religious, economic and  historical background to govern it well. SO he/she needs to be well read about it and open to perceive it.

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