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In this era of technology, a tech savvy politician is the need of the hour. That makes a minimum qualification must for politicians.

I agree that politicians have well educated efficient officers to work under them. But that does not exempt them from being educated, In fact that strengthens the argument that they should be well educated to supervise a group of educated and most competitive officers in the country. They have to work as team with their officers.

We have witnessed innumerable number of times, how politicians misbehave with their officers. Education will help them to come out of the ignorance and intoxication of power and teach them to behave. No genuinely educated person seeks for attention seeking Godly treatment from his officers.

Moreover, one needs to know in depth about various aspects of his/her constituency- the cultural, social, religious, economic and  historical background to govern it well. SO he/she needs to be well read about it and open to perceive it.

I am open to experience what life's mystery bag holds for me

Gone are the days when a leader would b leading a clan or a village or group of people and it would be sufficient for him to understand the needs and issues faced by them alone. With the global trends today the leader needs to understand and be concerned about the welfare of a large diversity of people...for every decision he makes he needs to analyse and see the impact. He also needs to think of policies and decisions for the greater good. He can not achieve that without education. He may have people to support him... But the decision making is always with him..  and for him to make or select the correct decision education is definitely important

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated - Confucius

today leaders are required to lead by consensus rather than pure authority. This is because the followers are equally educated and professional. Leaders or politicians thus must have the qualities of being able to carry followers along with them and their viewpoint. It is in this area that education may be help a politician to fare better. But is not a guarantee. 

For some person it is not possible to have formal education, e.i. college and school education. But with informal education they proved a great leader. Our former PM Indira Gandhi is an example of it. She had not much formal education, she had not any degree. She was on of brilliant and intelligent leader of her time. At present many member of Parliament and assembly are graduate and post graduate but they never participate in any debate in houses.

Education is enlightenment in every sense of the term. It also means that the person has missed out on the necessary discipline that is required to chisel an individuals personality.It reflects in everything starting from ones income before joining politics, social status and to a great extent one's attitude towards life, no doubt there would be exceptions.

Aristotle while speaking about the importance of education had said " Educated people are as much superior to uneducated people as the living are to the dead ". However, most people tend to associate education to degrees and being literate . True Education as expressed by educated wise men would mean an educated mind that is able to learn, unlearn and relearn. Given a choice I am sure most people would want to vote for an educated person rather than an uneducated one unless the person has some exceptional qualities that stand out. As a nation we cannot move backwards , so when the entire world is looking up to education and enlightenment why should our political classes lag behind? It is only fair that we have politicians who are educated at least with a basic degree . It would be still better if they are made to attend seminars regularly to further add on to their knowledge like the rest of  the educated working class !

Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !!!

Most of the times its easier to mislead and manipulate people who are uneducated. Also in order to question the age old practices which should now be changed, requires education. Education gives the power and knowledge to question the existing system. Better understanding of the system prevalent elsewhere also helps in understanding the drawbacks of the current system. This understanding is indispensable for the growth and development of the country and this can not come without education. 

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated - Confucius

Educational qualification is necessary for a politician.An educated politician  will be able to make people friendly and Nation building programmes . Empathize with the People, have vision for the future and way to get there. None of these things you can learn at School or College. Literacy is necessary may be, but not a College degree. Illiterate politician neither can understand the people nor the needs and the necessities of the Country

Being visionary is crucial for leader.We have suffered a lot by decisions taken by politicians in impulse keeping short term gain and vote gain in mind. That hampered country in a long run.

You can be visionary only if you have in depth knowledge of past, can analyze the past mistakes, take a decision keeping the current variables and also be able to view the impact in future. More information across the Globe adds to your knowledge. So you need education to connect across nation and globe, make sense of it, evaluate the pros and cons and then come to a sensible decision for the betterment of nation

I am open to experience what life's mystery bag holds for me

A Visionary has the capability of thinking today about tomorrow. This is the trait of those Politicians, who are educated and knowledgeable . India needs such Politicians.

Education is must for all people of a country to progress. An educated person can handle any situation in a better way than an uneducated person. But it is sad that some of our politicians are not educated, or having some low degrees which are not sufficient for a person to be a leader. An educated leader can better analyze the situation and can solve the problems of public in a better way. I think politicians also should have to go through exams before entering into politics. They should be given some problems and asked to solve the problems in given period of time. The persons who clear the exam should be allowed to join political party and fight election.

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