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Most of member are agree that education is must for all peoples including politicians. I am writing here about quality education. Mere holding a degree or certificate is not enough. One must have knowledge about education which he got. These are some qualities which a politicians must have.

1- Politician must be honest.

2. Politicians never involved in cast and religion politics. 

3. Politicians must be cultured.

It is assumed that an educated politician is better than an uneducated man because he is educated. This is also an expectation. But in reality many less educated politicians have taken great decisions. So while education surely helps but it is experience, attitude, decision making ability, cooperative nature like qualities which are also important and can be possessed by an less educated politician. So a blanket answer is difficult.

Everybody is a winner. Thank you all

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Thank you said by: jabeen, usha manohar, vijay
Education and training indeed are lynchpins , for a man wielding the absolute political power to frame laws for a nation or for a people.But as we turn the spotlight to India , where permanent executives comprising a wide range of civil servants selected on the basis of meritocracy do supplement and complement the routine task of political or administrative decisions , the need of minimum education setting as a pre-determined rule would not effect any change as to situation for political executives for they do earn the popular backing of the people and express and formulate the supreme will of the people - this lies at the heart of democracy , while , setting a minimum educational qualification would drastically convert our pure democracy into pure meritocracy for the ones who would fall foul of the required qualification will lose and ones with merit will win elections , thus , it would be when social development would suffer under the weight of equality of opportunity by adopting meritocracy whereas social development can be achieved by way of equality of outcomes which coexists with democracy.
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