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Daily Forum Activator Award

Category: Contests & Rewards 10 years ago
Hi All,

From the last several days, boddunan forums got a tremendous growth and many members are now active on forums. Few days ago we merged Forum Supporter Award with the Leader Board (Member of the Week) award and we feel there should be a special award for forums as well. So here is the big one.

Daily Forum Activator Award
Puzzled? If you are a regular visitor of forums, you can observe sometimes the forum is not very active. Now your turn to create some interesting or useful topic to attract other members and inject the enthusiasm.

The forum topic could be on anything that gives boost in participation.

* It could be a review of a very good/bad article that you read recently (Give a link back. Only boddunan articles please.)

* It could a game that makes difference

* It could be a hot and burning topic (Please include most appropriate keywords in the title that are important for search engines)

* It could be an encouragement post or idea or anything that increases participation.

And the award for the winner is 25 Cash Credits

Please do not create unnecessary topics and spam forums. In such case I will hold you from getting award for a week or more.

So guys lets rock on and win hot prizes every day.

When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

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