It was really a very very interesting GD with 50 replies in total.Members faught neck to neck to establish their arguments.Really nice to see this sporting spirit.Now as the judge I have to be more concious on subject matter.

Really I the fans association is the curse of the film industry.It gives wrong information in many cases.Also a film with good story which has no famous starings goes unnoticed due to the non support of any of the fans association.All point the charity work that the association carries out.For such charity works there is no need of such an association.The so conducted charities are really for the fame of stars not for poor.And in many cases the star doesn't knows such a work at all!

So here is the result.The GD was totally a super contest and many had put their views.Unfortunately there can be only two winners.So first price goes to one who lead the GD through out the discussion with many valid points is none other than Kalyani Nandulkar.Determining the second prize was too difficult.But valid points in accordance with the topic was served by Gulshan Kumar Ajmani.I would like to appreciate the performance of the new face in GD Nagalakshmi Karunandhi

The members who are eligible for 50 points are Sajeetharan,Kalyani,Coolboy,Gulshan,Nagalakshmi,Mathi and Deepti.

Now participate in the next exciting GD announced already.

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