Hi All,

Welcome back again to the Boddunan Revenue Sharing program results.

Last month was an exiting month with lots of fun with poems, t-shirts and many more new activities with lot of new members took part of active discussions.

On other side, few of our active members went offline due to their personal reasons, we hope they will come back soon.

Overall last month is good for all of us to step forward in right direction. We reached 7K user mark last month and looking for more such milestones.

So here are the members who are eligible for the revenue sharing for the last month earnings.

ceeem (9063 Points - 4 Shares)
nagalakshmi.karunanidhi (8867 Points - 4 Shares)
sajeetharan (7887 Points - 3 Shares)
ra_k (7226 Points - 3 Shares)
kdeepti (6029 Points - 3 Shares)
u.nataraj (5029 Points - 2 Shares)
surendra6 (4193 Points - 2 Shares)
neetu020784 (4160 Points - 2 Shares)
Harshil (3361 Points - 1 Share)
Rupali (2578 Points - 1 Share)
sumitbe (2361 Points - 1 Share)
bolisettypradeep (2278 Points - 1 Share)
kporwal19 (2191 Points - 1 Share)
vijay_u (2033 Points - 1 Share)
Abid Areacode (2006 Points - 1 Share)

Total Shares: 30
Total Revenue Earned by Boddunan in Sep, 2010: $155
Revenue Sharing(25%): $38.75
In INR: Rs.1705 @44/$
Revenue Per Share: Rs.56.83

Revenue Share for Active Moderators(5%): $7.75
In INR: Rs.341 @44/$

So guys, thats all from my end. Congratulations to all of you and wish you all the best.

When opportunity is in front of you, don't hesitate to catch it. It will never come to you again. - Maverick

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