First of all I am sorry for this delay in publishing the result of last weeks GD.I am very busy with my official works from the start of this month and that is why I am not peeping in forums also.

So here is the result of that sensational GD.Our topic was
"Is it good to allow students to use mobile phone ?"

All those participated put valuable points.But winner can be only two!So

First Prize : Gulshan Kumar Ajmani
Second Prize : Kalyani Nandulkar

The 50 point winners are Gulshan,Kalyani,Nagalakshmi and Ceeem.(I also had posted some and don't know whether eligible for 50 points! :dry: :unsure: ;) :P :lol: )

Sumit try to post at least 3 replies in GD to earn 50 points bonus.

Congratulations to all the winners.

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