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Pearl Leo
Senior Boarder
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12 years ago
May I add to whats been said above.

Its Scripted: many reality shows are scripted and showcase the one person intended to win.Agreeably are not real at all.

Scam for your money:Its a strong way to put it but if something that is of little entertainment and no value at all demands your money,what do you call it?

Ask any of the producers why are such shows on air and you might get the same answer which is there is little investment and greater returns for these shows.Unfortunately the damage it does is far worse and deeper in impact.

Don't you all agree that when its scripted and they ask for your votes through SMS or internet,its a scam that loots your money as well.

TV is a platform wherein many things can be relayed.Its our responsibility to gauge what is to be watched and participate in it sensibly.


Platinum Mate
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12 years ago
group discussuion is a very good progrme on boddinan t improve knowledge about topics
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