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Hello Friends,

Today it is Children's day.So we can have a discussion on the burning issue in India.

Here is the topic for this week's discussion,

How child labour can be eradicated ?

As usual all members who post at least three valid answers will get 50 points as bonus and winners will get Rs 50 and Rs 25 as cash prize.

All the best guys!!

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  • Re: Group Discussion Contest Novemebr 14 to November 21

    by » 10 years ago

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    We can take some steps to eradicate the Child labour in our country.

    1.We must have severe Laws against people who is working with children.
    2.The parents must be educated.
    3.We must create intrest in children.
    4.We must show difference to children between educated and non educated children.
    5.The politicians must take active part in this to eradicate it.

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  • Re: Group Discussion Contest Novemebr 14 to November 21

    by » 10 years ago

    Diamond Mate
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    Laws are made to remove child labour but rules are not followed by the contractors or owners of shops .Specially shop owners hire children for work or they are indulged into home construction tasks. These contractors and owners should be sent into jail .

  • Re: Group Discussion Contest Novemebr 14 to November 21

    by » 10 years ago

    384 12.8k 85k
    Child Labor can be eradicated by taking care of such children.
    suppose we found a child doing servicing job in a hotel. then we need to take care of joining that child in a school where they educated poor kids freely.
    the government should pass a rule strongly that if they find a child working they will be closing the place where the child is working.Then mostly child labor will gets reduce. so government should pass such a rule that people should get fear about making a child work.

    But also some people won't care and they make children work in their houses. If we ask about it they will say they are not working and they are looking after that person. So for such people government should announce that the policemen will be roaming at the places where child labor is going on and will arrest the people who are making children to work.

    In some cases parents only make their children work. If we ask they will say that they don't have capability to join them in school as they are poor . if they are working it will be helpful. I feel government should take of such families. They should provide free education to those child labor children and some working ways to their parents who are so poor so that they can earn something and won't send their children to work.

    Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

  • Re: Group Discussion Contest Novemebr 14 to November 21

    by » 10 years ago

    Devyani Sarkar
    Diamond Mate
    167 4.81k 33.4k
    Problem of child labour starts with poverty. When utter poverty crops up in the family, it is the elder child who is pushed forward to do job and earn money for their living. Hunger and poverty striken children are forced to sacrifice their childhood for the sake of other members of the family.
    It is not only Government's duty but also our duty to eradicate child labour from the base in India.

    Following steps should be taken by the Government:-

    1. Below poverty line families should be provided with stipend or free Ration.

    2. Poor families should be treated for free in all government hospitals. Medicines and other amenities should be provided for free from the hospitals.

    3. Education fees should be nil in India for below poverty line people.

    We can also help this section of the people by providing them social and economic help in the following ways:-

    1. We can talk to the parents of the children, who are forced to do job. We should do this for social awareness among people.
    2. We should complain in police if a child is forced to do job or he/she is found to do a job which is harmful for health.
    3. We can help them by giving money or other necessary items required for survival.

    These are the three major steps to be taken, to eradicate child labour from India.

  • Re: Group Discussion Contest Novemebr 14 to November 21

    by » 10 years ago

    Diamond Mate
    248 3.34k 47.8k
    Child labor generally known as employment or engagement of children in some sort of work or physical activity which harm their overall growth. Very often then not they are exploited at a stage in life which so crucial for their blooming,grooming and development. In some cases, they are even made to work sixteen hours a day.

    In India, there are strong laws against child labor,but they are, for the most part, broken. For instance, according to the FACTORY ACT, children are not to be employed in factories. Besides, we also have laws that make education compulsory for children till the age of fourteen.

    Still we have around four million children in India employed in the FIREWORK INDUSTRIES, BRICK MAKING INDUSTRIES and CARPET MAKING INDUSTRIES and as DOMESTIC WORKERS. Many employers treat these children badly, extract a lot of work for them and give them very poor wages. These are the reasons why they prefer to employ children.


    We as a caring citizen of India, have to stop this evil unjust ice of child labor.But the question is how can we do so???

    a) We can begin by not buying products made by children.

    b) We could refuse to accept the services of children who are below fourteen years of age.

    c) We should stay away from restaurants employing children and let the owners know why they are doing so as it is against law and they could be prosecuted by law.

    d) We should also stop using fire-crackers during Diwali and other occasions as these are made by children working in terrible conditions.

    e) Recently some western countries stopped importing carpets from India as the CARPET INDUSTRIES too employs children. Even we could do the same.

    Apart from the the above-mentioned points, I think the most important thing is to create SOCIAL AWARENESS about this problem. Poor parents send their children to work in order to meet the bare necessities of life and to add to the family income. To solve this problem, schools can include VOCATIONAL COURSES that pay for the products made,thus children can earn while they learn. Finally, the government must be extremely strict and give out severe punishments to those who employ and exploit children. These are the best ways to eradicate the problem from our society and cure this evil....!

  • Re: Group Discussion Contest Novemebr 14 to November 21

    by » 10 years ago

    Platinum Mate
    136 1.79k 13.4k
    wonderful ideas by everyone....

    but these ideas cant change their life..just look at this link to see the real plight of children on children's day in India.

    decide now...have we done enough for them.the answer will be an outright no....

    we have to have the courage ti implement all these ideas.. or else we will remember them only on the next children's day...

  • Re: Group Discussion Contest Novemebr 14 to November 21

    by » 10 years ago

    Senior Boarder
    4 182 2k
    Children are being exploited in some way or other all around us. Be it in the tea stall, the little girl baby sitting in the neighbourhood or those we see in the streets knocking at the car windows and begging the people inside to buy a bouquet of roses from them. In my opinion we can go on blaming the system or the ruling government as much as we like but no concrete change will be seen till ...

    1. We take self responsibility- by that I mean if each one of us should decide not to hire little children to work for us and also discourage our neighbours and families from doing so.

    2.The authorities in each locality is given responsibility- There should be regular checks in each house, hotel, tea stall, construction area to see if children below a certain age group is being hired. Such hiring should be considered as punishable acts.

    3.Enforcement of free and compulsory Primary education for all- there are rules and bills implemented for the same but it is not strictly enforced. This issue should be taken as serious and help should be provided to economically weaker sections. For that there are lot of NGOs doing good work but they need co-operation of the government and most importantly of the responsible people who surely need to join hands and take it as their duty to protect the innocence and the birth right of every child to carry school bags instead of cement bags on their backs.

  • Re: Group Discussion Contest Novemebr 14 to November 21

    by » 10 years ago

    Gulshan Kumar Ajmani
    Editor & Super Moderator
    3.48k 21.9k 176.9k
    There is adequate legislation against child labor and there is also government machinery to enforce this. But the ground reality functions otherwise. There are certain sections in society for whom children are source of income and they consider education unnecessary. We may find children working in tea shops, vehicle repair shops, homes and offices.

    There is need to bring greater awareness among people. The first step should be to enforce free and compulsory education to all up to primary level and free education up to highest level. Children till age of fifteen years should not be employed in any capacity. Strict punishment must be enforced against employers and all those who abet or encourage such offences.

    The scheme of study while you earn will compensate parents who currently send children for work. There should be greater stress on job oriented education after primary level. However, even for such education, earning should be secondary and education part should be major component. The stipend and remuneration for work will be good compensation and encouragement to parents to send children to school. The children will get more skill in such job oriented education and ultimately be net financial gainer.

    G. K. Ajmani Tax consultant

  • Re: Group Discussion Contest Novemebr 14 to November 21

    by » 10 years ago

    384 12.8k 85k
    Yes, Gulshan ji is right. There should be strict punishment announced for the child labor to the people who are sending the children to work and to the people who are appointing the children.then most of the child labor-ism will get reduced.
    We see child labor in more poor houses. where the amount of the money earned by the parents is not sufficient then they send their children for working. So government should concentrate on such kind of families.and they should provide some good waged jobs to them and the for children free education.

    I feel Government should be strictly prohibit child labor with the support schemes.that is government should recruit some people and check each and every place in the cities like hotels , houses etc wherever child labor may held.Then they should take the people who are appointed children for working in to custody and they should take the children and join them in the give free education and they should even try to know the family bag-round of the children and why they are sent for they should provide some sufficient money earning jobs. so that child's family wont suffer and they should be warned that children should not be sent for working.

    Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

  • Re: Group Discussion Contest Novemebr 14 to November 21

    by » 10 years ago

    Abid Areacode
    685 10.2k 65.9k
    The laws in force are not at all followed up.Now I think the best way to eradicate this curse is strict punishment.Poverty being one of the reason it may be given relief in genuine cases.

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