Around ten years ago, there was a big hue and cry about the standard of the Deemed Universities, particularly in Tamil Nadu.  However, it died a natural death, and the Universities are back to their old game of huge advertisements, and even unfair means of paying existing students to bring in new students, for their native State or neighboring States.

The Deemed Universities should be able to show results in terms of real quality.  For example, through many innovations, the VIT University in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. has built a name for itself in the IT and computer science fields, and has been able to reach a superb position in placement.  This has been possible only because a huge amount of investment has been made by the Founder to reach out to the wider society, and also give every single opportunity to the students to express themselves. 

Nothing can be imposed, but the public, through social media inputs should have free discussions on the actual state of affairs in every single Deemed University and spur them to action.  Unless results are shown, they would automatically loose their hold in the next few years.

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