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Live in the present. Experts say, to live in the past or thinking about tomorrow is an exercise in futility.

Which is why Present is considered as a" Present " bestowed on humans by the God.

Wisdom lies in living in the Present and reap the benefit of the " present."

One of the most powerful themes  of the Self help movement is the Joy of of living in the moment

The advantage of living in the present is, you are the owner of this present. You can use it in any way like.

Beware,It takes no time  for melting the "present" and disappear in to yesterday.

 Living in the Present makes one optimistic. Views about life will change. You get accustomed  Equanimity

When one lives in the present, creativity boosts up.

 Because you live in the Present, it makes one to be free from Stress.

Focusing on the present is the only thing that you think about  because you know You do not have any control on the past things. And Tomorrow is uncertain.

Living in the present makes you stay ahead of the times









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who can be the best succeessor to zaheer khan in indian pace bowling?


who can be the best succeessor to zaheer khan in indian pace bowling?

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