Do you know why Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutta throw bomb in British parliyament?

Obviously, they did not want to harm anyone but they wanted to attract British Government for what they were revolting. Such scenario often comes in our life when we needed someone as Giant to wake up and look into some dangerous situations. The person may not look into your problem because it looks small for him and neither he gets affected from it. In such situation, there are only two ways - 1) You need to wake him up and force him to look into your matter even if you need to become villain while doing so. 2) You just ignore it and get back to your job thinking - "playing musical instruments in front of buffaloes will not get you anywhere."

However, like how one need dynamite to shake a mountain, you need to be so much aggressive to make someone giant wake up and look into it. You may get a bad name but people those who are affected like you will get benefit from you.




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