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An Imaginary Confession

"Hey! I love youheart. You are so goodkissing_heart", the words came hung up on her notification bar.She was thrilled reading those lines but soon realized that these are so normal for him and has used many a times before with his other friends. Amidst the juggling of emotions as she always does ,she penned down her feelings in her personal diary .These are a few lines from her diary.

I know that for him, "love" is merely a common term that he uses for everyone and is fun for him but I wish

I could get a special place in your heart.

I wish you could understand that love is another name of affection, sacrifice, care, trust, respect and compassion.

I wish you could realize the silver lining between friendship and love.

I wish you could treat me differently from others.

I wish I could tell you your importance in my life.

I wish I could express my feelings whole heartedly.

I wish I could tell you that how I take everything of yours seriously while on a contrary note you say these lines in a casual manner.

I wish you could understand all my wishes without my confession.

But, I won't tell you those above lines ever because I know that you will play always play with the words and I don't feel like a fool while confessing.



In this way, her feelings were enclosed in the few pages of a diary which will always remain confined to her until and unless the destiny intervenes and guy could understand the true meaning of love. 



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