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  • Re: Group Discussion- Do we really need religious celebrations in public?

    by » 3 years ago

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    Today is final day of this discussion. We Indian and India are known for Ganga Jamuna culture. All our festivals are adhesive which bond  we people of different religions and festivals. All festivals are full with enjoy. It is who make these a problem. In topic it is question gathering of peoples on religious festival at public place. All religious festival are of public, not private and roads are also of public, these are private. So we must be adjust and keep patience when we face jams and crowd due to any festivals. Our religious festival is also important for economy. Depawali, Id, Christmas and Gurupurab and all other festivals boost up to business. Festivals also means of employment..

  • Re: Group Discussion- Do we really need religious celebrations in public?

    by » 3 years ago

    Arunima Singh
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    On final day of conclusion I would like to say that festivals form a great part of our culture and the celebration is a way to show our reverence to life and to it's joy. Sharing our joy doubles it and that holds true for celebrations in groups. There is nothing wrong in public celebrations as long as the real essence of it is not lost and it does not turn out to be a ruckus for others. Especially, in India where anything can be given a communal color and cause political clashes, one should go responsibly with the celebration. At no point, the civic responsibility can be compromised. Our celebration should not become life threatening to others. 

    Also the number of huge public celebrations should be limited. As it is not good to have inconvenience every now and then and police have other important things to do.

    I totally agree with Usha that Christmas and Deepavali has gone beyond religion. I have  a huge preparation of Christmas as I have for Ganesha, Diwali or Navratri. It has become a part of my celebration. 

    So to conclude I would say that my faith and religion is my identity and is very personal to me. Celebration bring joy to life ans at no point it should take away joy of others. 


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  • Re: Group Discussion- Do we really need religious celebrations in public?

    by » 3 years ago

    Suny Ag
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    Sorry for the delay but I was too busy with my offline activities. All the members that participated have been paid.


    PS- The members not following the rules should be more careful in next rounds of discussions please. Thank you all.

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    Thank you said by: jabeen, Sanjeev Gupta

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Why are festivals important?

India is rich in culture and has innumerable festivals celebrated across the length and breadth of the country. In these changing times do you feel it is really important to celebrate the festivals or should we just give it a skip

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