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  • Re: 72000 to poor, this promise of Rahul may be proved master stock for congress

    by » 2 weeks ago

    suni51 wrote:

    Even if the Indian government sells all its resources and apply this scheme it won't be possible for a long time. Calculate it this way- If we have 10 crore poor in this country and pay them 72000 per year....Just calculate the amount  = 72000000000000/per annum (72 Trillion)... I think if Rahul invest this amount in new projects every year perhaps everyone will get a job and earn respectfully.  By the way India's total estimated revenue = 2399147 crore.

    It is saying that Na No Man Tel Hoga Na Radha Nachey Gi. No cost of making promise. He know that congress is not coming so he is making promise what he wants. 

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