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  • Re: 72000 to poor, this promise of Rahul may be proved master stock for congress

    by » 2 years ago

    usha manohar wrote:
    Arunima Singh wrote:

    Kejriwal seemed a like a new hope for many like me when he began his political journey.  I had a lot of hope and felt good that we are getting a good alternative in form of an honest and educated leader.  But his over ambition has corrupted him to the core.  He has lost his credibility with many who supported him.  In fact he has become a big shame. 

    Makes you wonder if an honest ans committed person can change colors so easily ? He has gone back on every one of his words and shamelessly defended his actions too.

    Kejriwal is in hurry. He is CM of a half state. But he have misunderstanding that he is big and great leader. So he is challenging Modi. He have only 8 years experience of politics. Modi ji is much senior from him and have much more experience than him.

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