2 years ago

Human and Nature

Humans are the greatest creation of nature and now humans dominate the world over nature without their permission and destroy all other creations of nature. There is no rule for destroying creation in nature's book but there is also no right. Who we are in front of nature? we are just a beautiful creation of nature and now we are just forgetting this.

We are the bad child of our own parents, and nobody cares about this even nature too after all we are the most beautiful child of nature.

After the evolution of monkeys into humans, the human became one of the most intelligent beings on the earth. I am not here to criticize humans but I am here to ask everyone is that good or bad? 

If I have to pick one's life between a human and another being then I'll choose another being. The reason is very obvious that they human-made their society and technologies for their comfort still they need help, after destroying the beauty of nature and eating the animals and endangered them only for human comfort. Oh seriously, I don't understand how much time a human being will take to understand that? we can live without our technologies and all our comfortable things, we need to decreases the uses of that stuff which affect our nature or others. We don't need to interfere in the business of nature, if we do, actually, we are doing, then be ready for the consequences. We would have left only one option to leave the planet which I don't think so will happen, but some researchers are still working on it. According to climate change, we haven't that much time left, if we wouldn't do anything then-upcoming generation will be the last generation of humans.

"Wake Up Now Or Sleep Forever"

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