One chance 

        One chance is a tale who are actually waiting for one opportunity to climb the film mountain 

                 This tale starts with a boy who crossed 18 and his have dream to become a director in movies field he thinks like it's an a esay tast he don't know that he was climbing the mountain without any gear and support .    He step into the film City with a file and he searched for a production office he waited 6 months for a appointment to meet a produce he not even started his story that producer asked which caste are you ? He said is caste after he hear is caste sorry I think you are in my caste it's better to work with our caste people you may leave now . He got anger and shock in both time he was hopeless in that time but he never gives up he start work as water boy for 2 years in film City he rented a single room cost 5000Rs his monthly salary was 7000Rs in one month period he eat only 20day 3meals in other part of 10 days he one meal per day every asked him why are you doing stop this work and go for software job you can easily get a job he reply to everyone that one day i will get a chance than i will become a king i am waiting for that moment . He turnd 28 but he still hoping that he can become a director                                                                 written by                                                             B.Akhil












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