Stroke is a cerebrovascular attack caused by disturbance in blood flow to the brain.
This can happen in some cases of accidents, even minor accidents.The person may look fine and assure that everything is normal.But we have to make sure that there is no stroke.That may even save the life of the person.

This is how you can identify a Stroke
1.Ask the person to smile (check for normal smile)
2.Ask the person to say one simple sentence
3.Ask the person to raise both arms
4.Ask the person to stick out the tongue.(check the position of tongue, whether it moves to one side or is crooked in nature)

You can remember this by a code FAST (Face,Arm,Speech,Tongue)..or by first three letters STR (Smile,Talk/Tongue,Raise arm)

If the person do all this normally, you can make sure that there is no stroke due to the accident.If the person feel uneasiness or any trouble in doing any of the above four..ask them to consult a doctor immediately.
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