Interesting facts on HIV virus.

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We know so much about HIV virus and AIDS.We know how it is transmitted, what it does to our body.etc..Here i like to discuss some interesting facts on HIV virus

1.Did you ever think, why its so hard to find a medicine for HIV virus when so much research are going on???!

Its because,HIV virus is a highly mutating virus.Suppose you found a new medicine against HIV virus.By the time you think of testing it, the virus maybe changed to other form and your medicine will be of no use!!!.To understand this more we must know about genetics, RNA, mutation etc..
But a recent news report claim that scientist have found a weak spot in HIV which does not change. Maybe the future medicine is based on this finding!!

2.HIV virus gets destroyed in the Urine of Pregnant women. Various research went in this way to find a therapy.But not successful.

3.HIV virus cannot be transmitted by mosquito!
Thank God..otherwise the world will end before 2012!..Just think how fast the transmission could be.

Please share some interesting facts you know about HIV and AIDS.. Maybe something related to the figures or name of organisations and its working..anything on HIV and AIDS.
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