Gulshan Kumar Ajmani
Editor & Super Moderator
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11 years ago
There are many discounts offered during festivals like Diwali. How customers should view these. Are there any hidden terms. For this, see the link

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Devyani Sarkar
Diamond Mate
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11 years ago
Sellors make profits during festivals, mostly during Diwali. All of us know this very well but we avoid details due to Diwali festival.
Rajani K
145 7.14k 58.4k
11 years ago
Seriously speaking it is know to everyone the tactics hidden behind those discounts. But people avoid it and still purchase with an intention that they may get some profit from such festival offers.
384 12.8k 85k
11 years ago
yes i agree with rajani. people purchase things with the intention of profit

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Gold Boarder
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11 years ago
yes they give discounts but not at their cost,they gain and due to festivals we have to purchase so we also gain a bit by discounts.
Diamond Mate
54 3.96k 34.2k
11 years ago
Most of time discounts are available on Diwali because Diwali is the favorite festival of All Indians.
751 10.8k 86.6k
11 years ago
The discounts will be given on festival seasons to attract more people.

At that time the discount percentage will be more.

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