Today is world famous Attukal Pongala - the local festival of capital city. Last year 3.5 million ladies attended this auspicious celebration of Attukal temple. This year, it will surely go up. Let me remind you, this celebration is in Guinness books of world records for the biggest women gathering at a place a single day, in the whole world. Though am at Thrissur, my mother will offer her pongala at 10.30am today.
Now let me tell you how am blessed today. I have mentioned here, starting with a budget of 50k to dig well, it crossed 2lacs within 1 month. Now 2.25 gone. But today, when my hubby visited the place, our well is filled with water, at least 3-4 buckets. Since it has occurred on this auspicious day, am very very happy. We have lost those sleepless nights :) :) :)

Meera sandhu
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