We celebrated Bhagat Singh, immortal hero's birthday on 21st instant. He was no doubt the greatest among all freedom fighters. He strived for not just political freedom but also for emancipation of toiling masses. His slogan- Inqilab Zindabad (Long live revolution) is still inspiring. The independence in 1947 was in fact not real independence but just transfer of power. The fact that we are still member of Commonwealth is glaring evidence of this.







G. K. Ajmani Tax consultant

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  • Re: Great martyr and revolutionary Bhagat Singh

    by » 5 years ago

    We know Bhagat Singh as a revolutionary, who took to arms to fight against the mighty British. His  other is face is known through his ideologies especially through his book, " Why I'm an Athiest ."

    Long long ago, Bhagat Singh refused toaccept religious beliefs and superstitions. It's a lesson to our present religious Maverics, who are misguiding the nation.

    If India wants to forge ahead, we should walk in the path shown by this great son of India.

    My head bows down with revernce before Bhagat Singh.


    Thank you said by: Gulshan Kumar Ajmani

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