The Kashmir pundits are living as refugees for so many years. The J & K government is planning to resettle them. But now there is opposition to separate colonies for Kashmir pundits. Now J & K government also has opined against separate colonies for Pundits. They can be settled only in the houses where they lived prior to leaving the valley.


G. K. Ajmani Tax consultant

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  • Re: settlement of Kashmir pundits

    by » 5 years ago

    It is doubtful as to how many KP's would go back to settle in the Kashmir Valley. Couple of generations have now lived outside Kashmir and have developed economic roots all over the country. Without a viable economic future in the Valley apart from safety and security issues, what is the reason to go. The locals also are now not so friendly towards KP's as were their elders. Too mich of anti India poisoning has been done and KP's are seen as Indians in the Valley and thus will continue to be soft targets.Perhaps if they are settled in or near to Jammu the situation may be different to some extent. KP's have been migrating from Mughal times because of their learning and soft religious persecution practiced against them. It therefore is not surprising to see even the J&K govt. oppose the move. Let us see what BJP does.

    Thank you said by: Gulshan Kumar Ajmani

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