The Delhi Government has decided that from 1st January, 2016, only those auto-vehicles including 2-wheelers having even numbers will run on one day and next day, the vehicles having odd numbers will be permitted to run on the roads of Delhi. This decision will not apply to the ambulances and the vehicles required for emergency services. It is a good decision to reduce the pollution and traffic jams on the roads. Further it will help the public to use the public transport or share with others to reduce the consumption of the petro-products.The category of the vehicles required for emergency services must be restricted to the fire-brigade only. This rule must be made effective for all over India. However, if it is made out to be implemented strictly, it can boost the vehicle industry as those persons who may afford will try to get another vehicle having odd/even number to enable them to move on their choice.

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High-handedness of government

The government is foolish to fight the Army chief and the scientists

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