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  • Re: unique bitch temple!

    by » 7 years ago

    anil wrote:
    Jincy Aby wrote:
    rambabu wrote:
    Jincy Aby wrote:

    I studied somewhere that there are temples for snakes. There are number of people who worship snake and consider snakes as their God. They worship snakes by offering milk, incense and prayers. But in Christianity, snake is the symbol of devil. For them, Snake is an evil spirit who lead people to do wrong deeds. 

    Beliefs and customs vary from religion to religion. Hindus worship Snakes. There is a separate festival known as Nag Panchami.

     Snake is a poisonous animal and many people are dying because of snake bite. Then why do they worship snakes? I cannot understand the Philosophy of worshiping snakes. It is better to worship bitches than snakes.

    All snakes are not poisonous. People worship snake because God Shankara.


    True.Shankar without Nag Deveta for a Hindu is beyond imagination.




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