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Jincy Aby
Expert Boarder
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7 years ago

There are some people around us who always think about women and sex. This is a kind of mental disease and can be cured with treatment. Otherwise, they always try to exploit women. It is our duty to find out such people and give treatment, otherwise, the condition of women and girl children will be in danger. At the same time, we can see number of good personalities in our society who behave very well with ladies without any sexual feelings. They are the boon of the society. 

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7 years ago

The general trend in a man is, he thinks that he is center of the universe around which a Woman's world revolves. This is the trait of sick mindedness.

usha manohar
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7 years ago
MG Singh wrote:
Babu saroj wrote:

well if the man thinks like that i don't think he is bad man because the human nature forces the man to think like that 


Very true. Some researchers have opined men think of sex every 8 minutes. Let's face the facts that women are desired by men. Its law of nature

True, it is mutual and there would be no life without it...But when people begin to associate sex with everything that a person from the opposite sex does it loses its dignity and attraction which is what many men don't understand ! There is much more to a relationship that just sex !

Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !!!

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