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  • Re: Gross and blatant injustice to court employees

    by » 6 years ago

    Shampa Sadhya
    Platinum Mate
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    Kalyani Nandurkar wrote:
    usha manohar wrote:
    Shampa Sadhya wrote:
    usha manohar wrote:

    Is this something new, since the time we got independence this sort of thing has been going on, orderlies and employees doing house work and even getting beaten when they dont make way, like it happened with Siddaramaiah when he beat a bureaucrat ( I guess that is not newsworthy) in Karnataka.. If one has to highlight one minor episode, I am sure there are hundreds of such humiliating incidents...employees carrying chappals of Jayalalitha, Rahul Gandi etc etc.. Here the judge has brought enough attention to himself  by charging the employee, whereas i most cases they remain unknown..

    Even some Police officer's case got highlighted who made a subordinate to put shoes in his feet. It shows their cheap mentality but it seems there is no end to it. 

    Of course it is as bad with the police department, One of my relative is married to a DCP in Bangalore and they have a driver,a gardener, a cook , a handyman to iron the shirts,uniforms and polish the shoes and a sidey who does all the odd jobs like pay bills and run errands and I was surprised to hear that most of them were constables who have completed their graduation...My cousin who is herself an Engineer finds nothing wrong in it which according to her is what they are due to get in their " Position" ...

    Same is the case with all high ranking government officers who treat their subordinates as their personal servants and helpers. Those who refused to do so are either demoralized severely or transferred to very backward areas. But such injustice coming from a judge who is supposed to uphold constitutional and judicial system in total fairness, comes quite surprising and disappointing.

    He must have thought that he is above law and maybe even above God. That's why he and his family interestingly used positional authority to suppress and charge the subordinate for committing no offence at all.


  • Re: Gross and blatant injustice to court employees

    by » 6 years ago

    Diamond Mate
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    All this can change when population is controlled and more jobs are created. Population when very high devalues the persons.

  • Re: Gross and blatant injustice to court employees

    by » 6 years ago

    usha manohar
    704 19.5k 126.1k

    Actually every developing nation goes through this phase where power is worshiped by the citizens who are still in the process of becoming politically and socially aware of their own rights and responsibilities ...India has always seen a lop sided growth and socially we have a lot to cover until we begin to question these elected leaders and bureaucrats who overstep their limits !

    Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !!!

  • Re: Gross and blatant injustice to court employees

    by » 6 years ago

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    In other department it is very common to take services of subordinates employs at home. Judges are know for their honesty, it is not fair practice for judicialy of India.

  • Re: Gross and blatant injustice to court employees

    by » 6 years ago

    Babu saroj
    Platinum Mate
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    This shows the standard of the So called Indian court 

    bhuyali saroj

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