arjun sai
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4 years ago

Union Minister of Earth Sciences and Environment has launched Air Quality Early Warning System in New Delhi which can monitor air pollution in real time and predict conditions 72 hours in advance. This is a very good initiative which will help the government take necessary steps in case they sense very poor air in coming days.

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4 years ago

Its good to know that such a technology is available. But frankly speaking I find it sort of unnecessary. What measures can we expect the government to take up within 72 hours to improve air quality? Everyone knows that the major causes of air pollution are vehicular emissions, industries, deforestation etc. Can we really expect the Government to deal with these causes of air pollution within 72 hours?  It is more important to improve the quality of air for all time than giving advance warning.

Thank you said by: arjun sai
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4 years ago

In these days major cause of air pollution is burning of crop  residuals in Punjab and Haryana. It is very tough job to stop it.

Sheetal Kumar N
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4 years ago

This is very good and should be of great help for disaster prevention and planning.

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