According to Forbes, list of highest donotion to fight with corona crisis

  • Jack Patrick Dorsey (twitter) -rs.7553 crore
  • Bill & Melinda Gates (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) -1926 crore
  • Azim Hashim Premji (wipro) -997 crore
  • George Soros (Soros fund management) -981 crore
  • John Andrew Henry Forrest (Fortescue Metals Group) -755 crore
  • Jeffrey Stuart Skoll (skoll foundation) -755 crore
  • Jeffrey Preston Bezos (amazon) -755 crore
  • Michael Saul Dell (Dell) -755 crore
  • Michael bloomberg (bloomberg LP) -562 crore
  • Stacy H. Schusterman (samson energy) - 528 crore.


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