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8 months ago

We are always taught to be kind with everyone. We are taught to forgive everyone even though the mistake might be too big. We are always taught this. Time by time this becomes a habit and forgiving others and becoming kind with them directly or indirectly makes us forget to be kind with ourselves. Its normal that we make new friends and relations day by day. With time we get lose to people. Mistakes happens and we forgive them as many times as we can and even more than that sometimes even if after that it hurts us just to save our relations with them. 

Many of the times the kindness we try to give to other person ends up hurting them and even us. Hurting them makes us feel guilty and which tends hurting ourselves and even if its not our mistake.

Why is it always to be kind with others not ourselves first? 

Why to do things that we know would end up hurting us? 

Why to hurt ourselves for others?

We just do things to save our relation with that person. But is that relation even worth which hurt us.Like we are always taught to be kind with others WHY not ourselves first.Is it compulsory to forgive everyone even when we don't want to. Is it compulsory to say sorry even when its not our mistake just to save that particular relation.

Why are we afraid to lose people that who are not even ours??

Always remember the people who are genuinely yours would never leave you they will just teach you from your mistakes but at the end they will come to you and will always be yours. Problems are meant to be solved and resolved not to overthink about and lose people. 
So lets be kind with ourselves first. Lets stop hurting people who don't even deserve a place in our hearts.


LETS START WITH US>>>>>>>>>>>>

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7 months ago

The article is excellent & very well explained how to be kind to ourselves and do it all, According to me Being kind to ourselves is key to any success we have. No one can do it all, and if we try to, we'll burn out quickly. So, instead of trying to do too much, focus on taking care of ourselves and our well-being, We must set boundaries, 

Be kind to Ourselves emotionally. I had read one article related to this post where also it was very well explained

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