This 80 year old man named Parthasarathy is living is Senji in Tamilnadu and is a devotee of Lord Anjaneya.While he was young,he came across a Lord Anjaneya temple on his way to work and started visiting it daily.There he saw the monkeys longing for food and he used to give food to them.Later he made it as an habit and collected the damaged bananas and other fruits from the shopkeepers which are not sold and gave them to the monkeys.The number of monkeys started growing and he started preparing special food for the monkeys from his house.On hearing his sound,all the monkeys gather around him and eats the food. Now because of his age he could not walk alone.So he is accompanied by his son for this.He says that he will not stop this he is alive.

Definitely we should salute this old man !!!
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