Red Wine Lessens Obesity Risks In Females

Female wine drinkers, take heart! A new study reveals that in females, the moderate drinkers have lower obesity
risks, when compared to the teetotalers. It also shows that red wine is associated with the lowest weight gain, where as beer and spirits are linked to the highest.

The ladies who take a glass of wine regularly are likely to gain less weight, than those who drink mineral water or juices, says the studies.

Medical instructors from Brigham and Boston conducted the surveys, in which more than 1300 women aged 39 or older, participated. The participants were given questionnaires asking the details about their drinking habits and weight gains. Around 38 percent of the participants were not using alcohol.

The details of weight gains for 13 years were tracked and the results showed that non-drinkers gained body weight, the most. The overall weight gain decreased as the alcohol intake increased.

The details of these studies got published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.
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