Chocolate Helps You Lose Weight!

Here's some good news from all those chocolate lovers trying to lose weight
– instead of shunning your favourite sweet, dig into it for breakfast.

Wondering just how this is going to help you shed those extra pounds? Well as it turns out, eating chocolate is part of the new 'Big Breakfast" weight-loss plan that involves 700-calories worth of carbohydrates into your body when you wake up.

Along with 30g of chocolate, you will also have to dig into a glass of milk, two slices of cheese, 85g of lean meat
and two slices of buttered whole-grain toast every morning.

Doctor Daniela Jakubowicz, who has used the diet on her patients for 15 years, told the Daily Express that the breakfast works because it helps curb hunger cravings later in the day.

She said: "Very low carbohydrate diets are not a good method to reduce weight. They exacerbate the craving for carbohydrates."
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