Ayurvedic Tips For Acidity

Acidity Signs and Symptoms

1. Burning sensation in the chest and throat.
2. Sour oral secretion/belching.
3. Vomiting, headache.
4. Heat in the body.
5. Lack of appetite.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Acidity

1. Chew a few holy basil (tulsi ) leaves to get relief from burning, nausea and gas.
2. Keep a small piece of jaggery (gur) in your mouth and slowly suck it. Repeat it every hour till acidity subsides.
3. Eat watermelon, banana or cucumber every hour. It is also a good remedy for acidity.
4. Eat a few almonds when your feel heartburn symptoms.
5. The powder of Ehiretta taken with an equal quantity of sugar relieves acidity.
6. A decoction of sandal (chandan) may be consumed thrice a day for relief.
7. Tender fruit pulp of coconut may be taken from time to time. Tender coconut water soothes gastric irritation.
8. Simple sugar-added cold water also if consumed brings down the acidity level immediately. However, diabetics should refrain from this remedy.
9. Avipattikara Churnam is a good Ayurvedic Remedy. 3 gm of powder well dissolved in 50ml of hot water, should be taken twice a day for 40 days.
10. Drink coconut water 4 to 5 times a day. It is a common natural remedy for acidity.
11. Drink a glass of cold milk for fast relief of heartburn and acidity.
12. Keep a small piece of harad (Terminalia chebula) in your mouth and chew it after every meal.
13. Take one piece of clove and suck on it slowly.
14. Drink fresh mint juice slowly after meals.
15. Drink daily 1 tsp juice of chebulic myroblan mixed with 1 tsp of amla (Indian gooseberry) juice.
16. Maintaining an upright posture for some time after food will help in preventing reflex.
17. Intake of raw garlic is very beneficial.
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