Diet while Travelling

Most people, when they travel, worry more about how soon they can get to their destination than what exactly is going into their mouth. And for those who travel a lot, it can spell trouble with a capital T. But just as with everything else, there are many ways to counter this diet hurdle. All it takes is a little will power and effort!
Steps to Healthy eating when travelling


Drink plenty of water. Before you start your journey, drink a little more water than usual. This will certainly help problems like dehydration and constipation. Also dehydration can lead to severe fatigue and water can be the best thing to invigorate a tired body.

Connected to drinking water but at the opposite end of the scale is alcohol. It tends to dehydrate the body and it isn't the best thing to drink while in an aircraft or the night before the trip. If you feel you have to have a drink, then make sure you add an extra cup of water for each alcoholic drink.

Eat a healthy, nutritious meal the night before you leave. Also carry healthy munchies for the way. Ideal healthy snacks are sticks of carrot, leek and cucumber. Sandwiches last only for a while and the best kind are vegetable sandwiches with low fat mayo or just a dab of butter on the slices. Granola bars, fruit and yogurt are also worth carrying. If you're travelling by air, you do have the option of carrying your own healthy meal instead of eating onboard meals.

To make sure your body gets enough oils, pack some nuts and seeds with you. They last a long time if carried in airtight containers. Some of the better options are almonds, pistachios (pista), walnuts (akhrot), sunflower seeds and dried, unsalted pumpkin seeds. Add to this list some dry fruit like raisins, plums and apricots (khubani), and you're good to go!

Diet milkshakes aren't the best stuff to send down your gullet but compared to over-the-counter fast food, it's a better bet. They're any day better than diet coke and all the so-called sugar-free drinks in the mini mart. They actually contain chemicals like Aspertame which aren't really good for health.

On vacation, if your only choice is to eat at restaurants, eat more vegetables than red meats. Opt for fish and chicken and that also grilled, broiled or steamed. Skip the cream sauces and go for tomato based ones. When ordering salads request for herb dressings and ask for the dressing on the side so that you can use as much as you require.

If you're staying in a company-paid hotel room don't overeat just because the tab is taken care of. And please do not eat and head straight for your pillow. It's not going to be sweet dreams. You're going to have indigestions and that is the best way to load the fat at all the wrong places on you body, starting with your midriff.

Now that you have some tips on how to control your diet while on the move, use them to add some of your own and better the list. Remember that dedication on your part will see you through. Also, throw in some exercise whenever possible and all of this will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle wherever you are.
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